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Defeating The Demon of Poverty

In an open vision that lasted just over three hours, The Lord Jesus, detailed to Uebert Angel secrets to defeating the demon of poverty and gave him a deep revelation on how to break free from the spirit of lack.

Be ready to be free from poverty and enjoy the blessing of the Lord in this life as Uebert Angel takes you on a journey that will catapult you in to financial freedom.

This book was written in a way that captures your every sense and walks you through the vision as if you yourself were there as the Lord detailed the secrets to Uebert Angel. It will also empower you to overcome anything the enemy can throw against you in the area of finances and to live the abundant life that God wants for you.

Are you ready to declare war on poverty and defeat it? This is your book!


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Excerpt from Chapter One – Understanding the Demon of Poverty – of the book Defeating the Demon of Poverty by Prophet Uebert Angel

“The demon of poverty is more powerful than prayer and fasting combined”

“Did I just hear that correctly? That cannot be correct”, I thought to myself. see I had just slipped into my plush slippers and robe after a long day and was ready to experience the finest luxury the Ritz Hotel had to offer. Their guest rooms & suites offer an inspiring environment; the spacious windows let the sunlight in and provide breathtaking views of London. Each room at the Ritz, one of the most expensive hotels in the heart fo London, is individual, offering its own unique welcoming atmosphere to make you do just that, feel welcome. I just wanted to pray in a relaxed place far from the maddening crowd.

“The demon of poverty is more powerful than prayer and fasting combined”

The voice’s dulcet tone embraced the air like a perfume of night flowers. This time I couldn’t argue with it. It was all over the room and its source complimenting the hotel’s turn-of-the-century origins in the subdued colors, discreet patterns, and rich fabrics, complete with marble bathrooms and classic Italian furnishings. I knew it was God speaking but what he was saying was so out of my level that it was very difficult to comprehend.

I had arranged my day’s prayer points in line with the millions I needed for the bank and telecommunications company we had started and here I was hearing:

“The demon of poverty is more powerful than prayer and fasting combined, DON’T PRAY FOR MONEY”

I was already on my knees to pray for money. I had set the date of receiving and all was going well until the voice came in. As I tried to understand how that could be the Lord continued;

“Don’t pray for money. Prosperity is not a promise so it’s not subject to your prayer or fasting. It is a covenant”


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