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Enjoy Life Now

In this book Pastor Beverly Angel provides solid, tried-and-true tools to tackle life’s challenges and enjoy life on a daily basis. She shares ‘easy to understand’ practical keys and stories in her own life that will help you look, feel great and help you ENJOY LIFE NOW. Pastor Beverly exposes the problems why believers do not have joy in its fullness and precept upon precept gives proven tools on how joy in its fullness can be achieved. This is a book believers ought to read in order to make a mark on this world which will not be erased. It is a book full of the power of God to help you ENJOY LIFE NOW!

Pastor and Entrepreneur Beverly Angel is an internationally known Bible teacher and bestselling author. She is also the founder of Flair, Angel Group of Companies; Co-founder of Spirit Embassy and the author of the popular daily devotional Power for Today which she co-authors with her husband Prophet Uebert Angel. She holds degrees in Finance from Salford University and read Education at Bolton University in the United Kingdom.



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Excerpt from Chapter One – You Can Enjoy Life, Right Now! – of the book Enjoy Life Now from Beverly Angel

It’s not About What You Have

Enjoying life is not about what you have, it is a choice. It is a choice to follow principles that will bring joy everywhere you are, at any stage of life and at any time. It is a choice to adopt steps that will wipe away a frown and bring a smile twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. This life of joy is possible. It can be achieved. I have done it and I know beyond depth and beyond height that the life of joy can be yours at whatever stage you are in life. You can enjoy life, right here and now!

This is the life created for the believer. It is a life of continuous joy, a life with no side effects. It is a life of an over-comer. This is the like that impregnated Apostle Paul that with the pain the world was pushing his direction he was still filled with joy that he uttered;

“…none of these things move me…”

Acts 20:24

Now, I want to stress before I go any further that it does not matter where you are in your life right now. It matters nothing whether yesterday is a bad memory, today is a challenge or tomorrow is simply a mystery filled with painful hours and minutes to you. If you learn to enjoy right now, today, even yesterday will become a memory of happiness as you turn bad memories into learning curves, today will be a miracle and every tomorrow will automatically change into an opportunity for more smiles and no worries


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