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The Prayer God Cannot Ignore

God to many Christians is the ultimate heartbreaker! Unanswered prayers, unmet expectations and seemingly ignored requests. Prayer is like the roll of a dice, they never know whether or not they are going to receive an answer, they are just hoping and praying


In this dynamic teaching, Uebert Angel reveals a biblical and experientially based method of prayer. This method will provoke assurance and confidence that God is able to hear your prayers and answer them every time.

This book demystifies prayer by giving one type of prayer that has been hidden throughout generations and shows you its ability to arrest the attention of God and all of heaven.

God desires to meet every need and answer every prayer and in this book, you are about to discover the kind of prayer that God cannot ignore. Yes that’s right, the prayer that God cannot ignore.


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Excerpt from Chapter One – The day God Revealed the Prayer he can’t Ignore – from the book The Prayer God Cannot Ignore by Prophet Uebert Angel

“I do not answer prayer; I have never answered prayer and I will never answer prayer”

‘What?’ i asked shocked out of my wits. For years, I have been given the grace to speak to the Lord as Moses spoke to him in the days of old, ‘as a man speaks to his friend’, but this was a different conversation.

“Prayer is just a medium of exchange to me, I only answer what backs it. I don’t answer prayer”

He continued.

With three university degrees in the field of business and finance, the moment I heard the words ‘prayer is just a medium of exchange’ my mind raced uncontrollably trying to link the word of the Lord on prayer to what the financial world taught me about mediums of exchange. I knew that I was onto something deep but so simple that even a child would get it, but at the time of hearing this, I was immediately thrown into discovery mode. I knew right away that I needed to know what makes prayer catch the undivided attention of God. This was a mission I was not to fail. I just had to know ‘the prayer that God cannot ignore!’

Continued in Chapter One of The Prayer that God Cannot Ignore

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