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Hello Holy Spirit

In a life-changing face-to-face visitation from the Holy Spirit, God shared never before revealed secrets with Uebert Angel that pushed him into a whole new realm of relationship with him that ushered him in to extraordinary dimensions of power.

Sitting across from Uebert Angel that unforgettable afternoon in his farm in United Kingdom, the Holy Spirit delved into secret upon secret to real power and revealed that the main secret to power is in what you know about the Holy Spirit, and do not know about the Holy Spirit. It took Uebert Angel years to finally reveal these spiritual truths to the church as a whole. However At long last “ Hello Holy Spirit” is here to share that knowledge with you. Hello, Holy Spirit gives you step-by-step easy to follow truths on how to get the power of God to work for you, how to increase it, and how to maintain it by the help of the Holy Spirit.

The impartation of this information will change your view of the Holy Spirit and usher you into dimensions of power you never thought possible and bring you to a level of relationship with the Holy Spirit so you too can say “Hello Holy Spirit”


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Excerpt from Chapter One – The Holy Spirit in My Room! – of the book Hello Holy Spirit from Prophet Uebert Angel

The Holy Spirit Invades My House

Suddenly, a glow of white filled every inch of where the door should have been. Liquid light with a life of its own invaded my house. The light moved from deep white to brilliant white. It was as if all the universe’s atoms in the material world had simultaneously exploded near my door, converting their mass to quanta or light. The sight reminded me of fireworks that have a primary exploding core that sends out comets which themselves explode. The process of these seeming explosions of indescribable light continued until the light was so overwhelming to such an extent that all space in my room became a sea of light. Then as fast as it had started, it transformed into a liquid light being in the shape of a living being. I remained glued to my seat, not out of fear but in anticipation. I was filled with great and indescribable awe.

The Being sat down in the seat just opposite mine. My skin nearly jumped off my flesh as I was being enveloped in an ocean of supernatural light of the extreme kind. My body was trembling with awe, and before I got a chance to calm down, the supernatural Being spoke in a very serene but powerful voice.

“I am the Holy Spirit.”

What? How can the Holy Spirit come like a person? Is He not like the wind? is He not like fire? Is He not like water? All sorts of wonder filled my mind…


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