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The Secret Place

Have you ever wondered why the “secret place” is referred to as a secret? And if it is a secret, who told you about it? If it is a place, where do you find it, and how can you access it?

The Secret Place is not what you think it is. Contrary to the lies many have been taught, it is not a place you can enter. It is not a prayer closet or a room designated for prayer. Neither is it an atmosphere that you enter through worship. But without understanding the secret place, you will never fully benefit from being a Christian. The secret place is indeed a secret, but it will no longer be a secret to you.

In this life-opening book by world renowned Prophetess, Beverly Angel, whose prophetic ministries carry deep and profound revelations on prayer, you will finally discover the truth about the secret place – what it is, where it is found, and how you can dwell there.

The Secret Place unmasks the greatest revelation of who you are and the extraordinary life you are meant to live as a Christian. Find answers to why you have not been experiencing the success, victory, protection, and prosperity the Lord has promised you in his Word. Get ready for your life to change forever, because The Secret Place is open to you now!


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Excerpt from Chapter One – Hidden in Plain Sight – of the book The Secret Place from Beverly Angel

“My secret Place is not some hidden, concealed, or mysterious thing as many of My Children have been led to believe. My people have been fed a lie. The Secret Place is not even a place of consecration where one gets to have deep intimacy with Me. It simply is not.” God spoke as clear as day.

The time was 05:32 am in a city of contrasts, an eclectic mix of shiny hotels and swanky office blocks, neighboring beautiful, red-tiled colonial-era buildings. We were in the nation’s capital, Colombo, a city determined to reclaim its 19th-century moniker, ‘the garden city of the East.’ Like old Eden, it seemed to be the best place for God to speak to me about the Secret Place. We had just started our 2-day Good News Sri Lanka conference, and thousands upon thousands had converged upon the city of Colombo for this landmark gathering of Christians.

“It takes maturity to know that the secret place is not something you pray yourself into. You have heard in My word that when the heir is still a child, he differs nothing from a servant. So the problem with The Secret Place is simply immaturity in My People.”

That statement from the mouth of the Master that early morning hit home. I remembered that when I was a little girl, I used to believe that if I could not see you, you could not see me. So, I would hide – or what I thought was hiding – in plain view.


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