BeBe Angel Book Bundle

Grace is the only weapon against which the devil has no defence. Most Christians don’t know what grace is, and those who say they do, know little about it since it’s an overused word. Preachers mix it with legalism and demand their followers follow rules in order to appease God and yet still claim they know grace. Parents name their children after it. Financial institutions give grace periods. But do you know exactly how potent this ‘grace’ is if understood? Do you really go deeper into what it can do for you as a believer? Do you live a grace driven life or you are busy trying to appease God with your own works? Are you busy trying to stop sinning in order to make God happy?

This book bundle by Beverly Angel will revolutionise what you have always thought of what God is expecting from you and deepen your knowledge of grace and expose the false Christianity that is masquerading as the Gospel of Christ in many pulpits. Grace Driven Life is a book that will positively alter your walk with the Lord and catapult you to enjoy the guilt-free life purchased by the complete work of Christ on the cross. All this without meddling in religious rituals that many have perceived to be true Christianity. Intimacy, which has already sold more 70 000 copies will teach you on how to have an intimate relationship with Papa God!

You will laugh, cry, and shout for joy as the simple revelation in this book bundle is unveiled to you. Your life is about to change as this book-set will challenge most of the things you think, know, and believe about God. Get ready for a radical transformation towards the Grace Driven Life, Intimacy with God and enjoying life now!


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BeBe Angel Book Bundle

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