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Becoming A Millionaire In Real Estate

“Becoming A Millionaire in Real Estate”

In this book multi-millionaire and property mogul Uebert Angel shares some of the secrets that have helped him build a multi-million dollar property empire spread around the globe and have landed him on Forbes Magazine’s ‘millionaires watch list’.

Not only will you find the best way of navigating the world of real estate, but this book will shape your entire mindset of financing and earning capital from scratch.

It is about the innovative application of proven business techniques of how to invest in the real estate industry. You will also discover how to minimize your risk and maximize your profits in any real estate market whether you are investing in the commercial or residential sectors. This little informational key here, if used correctly, will take you to a door that will make you go from broke to millions!

You heard this right; even when you have no money to start with, you can embark on the road to millions through real estate.

So, are you ready? Turn the pages to start your exciting trip in the profit-making world of real estate.


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Excerpt from Chapter One – Real Estate – The Best Way to Earn Millions – of the book Becoming A Millionaire in Real Estate from His Excellency Ambassador Uebert Angel

I am a multi-millionaire going towards billionaire status and I must say, that goal alone used to be fulfilling until I matured and realized that nothing is as fulfilling as empowering someone else to become financially secure. You see, learning how to get wealthy through real estate is as much of an “art” as it is a “science” – but both easy. I assure you, it’s not a mystery that only the Frodo’s of this world can decode, nope, it’s not. Not even close!

Why Real Estate?

Let me say, God is no longer creating any more land but only buyers of the land. With babies born at the rate of 130 million per year, meaning to say demand is greater than supply, so whoever owns real estate has the upper hand. You may argue with how I did my statistical analysis by saying there are also deaths so the figures cancel themselves out, but you would be dead wrong. You have to understand that the UNICEF figures I gave you above say 130 million are born per year, but according to Quora, the number of deaths per year are only half that, meaning you still have a 65 million increase in the number of human beings above the 7 billion that are already on earth at the writing of this book, and that means a 65 million increase in land buyers per year. That’s huge and scary but appetizing for people like me who supply the land.

As for land, it is actually reducing in size due to rising sea levels, so demand is high and supply is diminishing. When I got those figures I decided to be the one supplying. You got it now. Easy Money!

Continued in Chapter One of Becoming A Millionaire in Real Estate

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