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The Deeper Life

In The Deeper Life, Heaven and world-renowned Prophet and teacher Uebert Angel gives an in-depth look at what it means to live a surrendered life in Christ and endure hardness as a good soldier. Dive into the depths of an extraordinary spiritual journey, a deep rebellion against sin that will empower you to move in higher dimensions of spirituality. Get ready for your life to change forever. The Deeper Life in Christ awaits!


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There is a level where a deep rebellion to sin is the only way. God is interested in this level. In these end times, God demands something deeper, higher, better, and more fulfilling in His children – something beyond the typical Christian experience! This is what the Holy Spirit refers to as the Deeper Life!

This deeper life dimension is a revolution only for those who are seriously in love with the Master! To see God in the fullness of His manifestation, there is no other way than the deep intimacy that causes the heart to be enjoined to its Creator. This dimension is so deep that it causes us to abandon self, wholeheartedly rebel against sin, and obey Him implicitly

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