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Spiritual Warfare

In this book, world-renowned prophet, exceptional teacher and bestselling author, Uebert Angel, exposes the lies perpetrated by many teachers and preachers on the subject of spiritual warfare and brings clarity to this seemingly complex topic. Drawing from his years of teaching on this subject, experience with the devil and demonic forces, and also undeniable visitations from the Lord Jesus Christ, Prophet Uebert Angel demystifies spiritual warfare and provides answers to the many pertinent questions concerning our God-given power over the devil and his cohorts. 

This book teaches you precise techniques on how to enforce supernatural authority to neutralise the devil and demonic forces, overcome demonic strategies, and pull down strongholds. It also exposes the lies and trickery of the devil and locates the source of his power.

Spiritual Warfare is a book that transcends theory. It gives you practical application so that you, as a Christian, can enforce Satan’s position of defeat and win every battle he wages against you. This is a must-read for everyone serious about being an undefeated champion in spiritual warfare. 


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Excerpt of Chapter One – Is there a War against Demons? – of the book Spiritual Warfare from Prophet Uebert Angel

I have heard the voice of Satan, looked dead into his empty face, smelt his breath and heard the callous, prickly, and foul noises of his demonic cohorts. I have seen normal human beings levitate and do things that are not possible physically — speak audibly with their mouths closed, hurl objects around rooms without touching them — all under the influence of this diabolic devil and his cohorts. I have seen the devil himself as clear as I see these pages. The devil is not a hoax. I have seen him, and I bknow what he is at the core. He is empty!

Once Upon a Time in Rotherham

“Prophet, whatever you do, don’t pray for that girl!”

I looked at the pastor perplexed by his request. Apparently, I had started a war that no one was expecting to be waged in that three-day conference. By the time he pulled me closer to himself to try and prevent me from casting out the demons from that lady, she was already walking towards me. This war was being waged in front of the whole congregation. And unbeknownst to me, every minister who had previously attempted to cast the demons out of her were given the “sons of Sceva” treatment. They were embarrassed and ‘whooped’ in front of the congregation and some beaten to a pulp.

I could see as the lady was approaching the pastor was truly quivering in fear. He feared for my life and my ministry. Then it happened. Unusual for her weight and size, she rolled into a ball in the most peculiar way like a contortionist. That alone sent chills through the crowds, many of whom had seen this before. But as I would learn later, not at the magnitude she now demonstrated. 

“I will not get out her!”

A scratchy but clear voice came out of her without the mouth even moving an inch. I looked at her straight into her eyeballs and adjured the demons to leave.

“You foul spirit, I am here to serve you notice in the name of Jesus, your time in this place is over!”

With those words, animal-like growls, inhuman sounds, guttural, masculine and at most times high pitched came from everywhere around her like a subwoofer with surround system. I knew it was not her mouth but something beyond her. Her eyes expressed hatred for anything me. Such unusual strength came over her that any usher who was trying to help was hurled from her like straw. She wasn’t struggling to ward off restraint they were trying to be. Things in the church building began to move on their own accord. This was by all analysis, something beyond belief. I had touched something, and a very sinister power was afoot in and around that lady.


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