Prayer Banks

As akin to reality as the concept of Financial banking is, so is the ‘PRAYER BANKS’ revelation. In an explicit visitation, God revealed, after three months (92 days) of prayer and dry fasting, ancient fundamental secrets to Prophet Angel on ‘PRAYER BANK’ dynamics which when understood and meticulously observed will pull you out of ‘spiritual bankruptcy’, and usher you into great heights of lucrative ‘PRAYER BANK’ withdrawals with high interest miracle yields.

In this book, ‘PRAYER BANKS’, Uebert Angel gives an exposition and practical anecdotes on how the Financial Banking System accurately mirrors Prayer Bank Dynamics. He thereafter expounds on how one can, though a legal and formal path, navigate spiritual transactions, route by route, from Spiritual PRAYER BANK deposits right up to the point of successful PRAYER BANK withdrawals.


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Prayer Banks

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