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Prayer Banks

As akin to reality as the concept of Financial banking is, so is the ‘PRAYER BANKS’ revelation. In an explicit visitation, God revealed, after three months (92 days) of prayer and dry fasting, ancient fundamental secrets to Prophet Angel on ‘PRAYER BANK’ dynamics which when understood and meticulously observed will pull you out of ‘spiritual bankruptcy’, and usher you into great heights of lucrative ‘PRAYER BANK’ withdrawals with high interest miracle yields.

In this book, ‘PRAYER BANKS’, Uebert Angel gives an exposition and practical anecdotes on how the Financial Banking System accurately mirrors Prayer Bank Dynamics. He thereafter expounds on how one can, though a legal and formal path, navigate spiritual transactions, route by route, from Spiritual PRAYER BANK deposits right up to the point of successful PRAYER BANK withdrawals.

Without this revelation you will blindly swing in the dark with a narrow chance of a hit in your prayer life, when you can simply step right into the PRAYER BANK Manager’s office and make a successful spiritual withdrawal based on the principles carefully carved in Gods word as revealed in this book. Prophet Angel’s ‘PRAYER BANKS’ revelation equips you for special situations when you need Prayer Bank Guarantees or Overdrafts the God prescribed way.

From a man who is an authority of matters of PRAYER, ‘PRAYER BANKS’ will ignite in your spirit the hunger for prayer, quench the hunger with the right fuel to enable you to manage hours in prayer and increase your intimacy with the Lord through a tried, tested and proven fruitful walk crafted by communing with the Lord.


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Excerpt from Chapter One – Understanding Prayer Banks – of the book Prayer Banks from Prophet Uebert Angel

Prayer Banks

Just as we have deposits and withdrawals and also overdrafts in the earthly banks, the kingdom of God also seems to function that way when it comes to answered prayer. The less a believer prays, the more he becomes weak in the things of God and the things of life. The more a man prays, the bigger his deposits are in the spiritual realm.

This secret of prayer banks is a lantern on the stern for a lot of believers who want their prayer life to yield results. Whether you want a miracle or want a miracle or want to perform one, you should be aware of the ancient secrets of PRAYER BANKS that move heaven and earth.

This revelation has been used from way back even in the times of Elijah, Moses and even used by our Lord Jesus Christ Himself with miracles following without fail.

Accumulating Credit In The Spiritual Realm

When the Lord told me that I could accumulate credit in the spiritual banks through prayer it was mind blowing and very difficult for me to show the believers this secret. I was plain afraid  of the persecution that comes with claiming exclusivity on something this big so when Dr Cho said it, I realised there were some men of God of great repute who knew about PRAYER BANKS. They might not call this revelation PRAYER BANKS but they sure understand the importance of depositing prayer.


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