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I Went To Hell

Here is an eyewitness account of the true nature and existence of Hell. Uebert Angel was afforded visitations to hell by God and commanded to let the world know the REALITY of Hell and to remind the world to choose life and prepare for eternity.

As the Lord Jesus Christ appeared to Uebert Angel, he took him on tours of Hell and showed him the sufferings there. He saw some of the horrors of Hell and saw many souls in torment. Jesus showed him what happens to souls when they die as unbelievers and also the horrors purported Christians face in Hell who reject his grace and centre on self-righteousness by trusting their own works.

It is a stark reminder of the need each of us has for the miracle of salvation and to share that self-same miracle with others so they avoid making hell their home.

Uebert Angel is known worldwide as the Godfather of the Modern-day Prophetic Movement and a renowned healing minister whose name is synonymous with supernatural signs, miracles and wonders as well as unique manifestations of the power of the Holy Spirit.

He is a leading global voice and the pioneer of cutting-edge prophetic demonstrations, Uebert Angel presides over The GoodNews World and Spirit Embassy, The GoodNews Church, an ever-increasing ministry with branches worldwide. Politically he is Zimbabwe’s first Presidential Envoy and Ambassador-At-Large to the Americas and Europe. A former Finance Lecturer in Britain, he is also the CEO of the Billion Group and President of the Uebert Angel Foundation and has also impacted the lives of millions through his Miracle TV and GoodNews TV networks as well as the best-selling Daily Devotional – THE GOODNEWS DAILY.


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Excerpt from Chapter One – An Unexpected Journey – of the book I Went To Hell from Prophet Uebert Angel

“WELCOME TO HELL.” The imposing ominous words were carved deep into either side of the immense gate in bold letters that seemed to be made from a form of medieval wrought iron. The first word, “WELCOME,” was etched on the left door of the gate. Then, to provide a clue that this was no ordinary destination, the last two words, “TO HELL,” were positioned slightly lower on the other door on the right side of the gate. The symmetry of the juxtaposed words was meticulous as if to welcome the condemned with diabolic grandeur, or perhaps so the angels in flight might gaze on them in awe. It was an extraordinary sight to behold. This was a destination like no other, possessing an atmosphere to match and horrors to terrify even the bravest of men.

The benighted live looking hinges of each door of the gate glistened with a material that was reminiscent of the deep saturated hue of lapis lazuli, giving them the facade of polished jewels. At their opening, alternating rows of bas-relief creatures unbeknown to our world form the processional way. Their faces were a mixture of creatures extinct in our mortal world. Something on them suggested fear just by the sheer look of them. I was spellbound by the complete tenseness of the atmosphere because inside the horrors of what I was seeing, the brilliance of the designer of that place was evident in everything. Now, whether I was in the flesh or in the spirit, I will not say. But, one thing was for sure I was now in Hell – the home of the condemned.


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