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In this book Pastor Beverly Angel delves into how one can achieve a whirlwind romance with the heart of God that gives them access into his secrets and hear his voice clearly. A friendship that is so intimate that it can change your world in biblical proportions. This book creates in you a deeper walk with the Lord. A love affair and friendship with God that produces a kind of buzzing, jittery, excited love you feel that makes you nervous in the right sense. A desire for God that makes your palms sweat, your mouth dry, your heart races with excitement, butterflies in your stomach and even makes words stumble clumsily out of your mouth for the Lord.

Intimacy is loaded line by line with tried and tested secrets that will without fail help you become more intimate with the Lord Jesus. Pastor Beverly also shares personal experiences that helped her learn how to romance the heart of God and become a lover and best friend of God!

Beverly Angel is one of the most visible prophetic leaders of our time. She and her husband, Prophet Uebert Angel are founders of the ever growing Spirit Embassy churches around the world. Pastor Beverly Angel travels extensively around the world and speaks internationally to thousands each year. Her name, like her husbands is now synonymous with miracles, signs, wonders and accurate prophecies.

She is also the Founder of Flair, Angel Group of Companies, co-founder of Spirit Embassy and the author of the popular daily devotional Power for Today which she co-authors with her husband Prophet Uebert Angel. She holds degrees in Finance from Salford University and read Education at Bolton University in the United Kingdom.


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Excerpt from Chapter One – Romancing the Heart of God – of the book Intimacy from Beverly Angel

Some time ago my husband and I were on holiday in a certain country, deep in a tropical rain forest. The hotel was so well hidden it is known as the ‘invisible lodge’, big on posh cabin charm and modern art, heated marble from floor to wall, floor to ceiling windows overlooking plush green nature and the whitest sand beach just meters away from the Hotel’s well manicured turf where we were sitting. It was by far the best we had ever seen. As we sat in front of our living room looking at this wonder that God created, we had a visitation from the Lord and we heard God’s voice instructing us to teach his people ‘intimacy’ — how to be deeper lovers of God and how to be His best friends!

As the voice of the Lord continued, He directed our eyes to couples sitting by the sea front, some married, some in adulterous affairs and yes, some unmarried. Some were walking hand in hand, some were in each other’s arms, and others seated in their partners’ lap while some feasted on oysters and some of the country’s finest delicacies in front of a roaring fire. “All these are looking for intimacy,” the Lord said. “They want a love and a lover who will not let go. They search this love in all these things yet I am the only one who can offer that.”

This was something we thought we already knew but it came to us in a different way that day. It had more force and urgency to it than what we had in our spirits. It carried a forceful boom to it especially when God uttered the words that will make the carnal man mad “teach my people intimacy and build me a peoplethat can romance My heart.”


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