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The God-Kind Of Faith

The God-Kind of Faith

In “The God-Kind Of Faith,” Prophet Uebert Angel unveils the transformative power of faith akin to that which shaped the universe. Using biblical stories and personal insights, he highlights the potential of human faith that mirrors divine acts. Blending theology with spirituality, Angel provides a guide for harnessing this creative force. The book inspires readers to tap into their potential, urging them to see themselves as co-creators in a faith-driven cosmos, and unlocking the miracle-working capability of faith in daily life.


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In “The God-Kind Of Faith,” Prophet Uebert Angel delves deep into the transformative power of faith, mirroring the same potency that shaped the world. Drawing from biblical tales and personal experiences, Angel challenges readers: Can humans command existence with God-like faith? By examining historical instances, from Moses parting the Red Sea to Jesus’ divine acts, Angel proves this unparalleled power isn’t just of the past, but more potent today.

Bridging theology and spirituality, this book provides actionable steps, utilizing principles from contemplative prayer, meditation, and faith exercises. The result? A guide inspiring readers to harness creative faith’s potential, pushing them to not only believe in their life’s possibilities but to see themselves as co-creators in a faith-fashioned world.

“The God-Kind Of Faith” propels readers on a spiritual voyage, unlocking boundless potential within. Dive into its pages to explore faith’s miracle-working force in individual lives and the wider world.

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