The Uebert Angel Foundation Changing Lives in Ndola, Zambia.

Updated: Jul 11, 2018

Excitement gripped the people of Ndola kangonga area in Zambia, when British based prophet Uebert Angel’s charity arm Uebert Angel Foundation brought truckloads of maize-meal (mealie-meal) a staple food in the region to distribute to the needy.

Thousands of excited families benefited from the philanthropy of the Uebert Angel Foundation.

Speaking to us Pastor Gwen of The Good News Church said:

“The Good News Church is about changing lives and we are blessed to be under the guidance of a man of God such as Prophet Uebert Angel. He has taught us by example that the gospel without a demonstration of love and charity is void.”

Millions of families in the greater part of Africa are malnourished and at risk of starvation. Harsh climate and poor crops are adding to the food shortage, making it even more difficult for families to feed their children.

However, the leader of The Good News Church has stepped in to alleviate the plight of thousands of families who are faced with starvation through his charity UAF.

The Uebert Angel Foundation also focuses on empowering the youth by providing scholarships, and tuition fees for education. It has a spectrum of recipients that range from primary education all the way through to University. There are currently some students who are beneficiaries of the Uebert Angel foundation scholarships at medical school reading medicine.

The multi-millionaire and philanthropist, is said to be very concerned about the plight of the disadvantaged and poverty stricken, such that he has directed the focus of his charity the Uebert Angel foundation, to increase its giving worldwide and run more feeding programs in the poverty stricken areas in India and Africa.

“The Uebert Angel Foundation is changing lives positively here in Zambia. We are grateful for the wonderful work and charity that we have been afforded by the man of God Uebert Angel” said Mwaba Mutale.


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