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Uebert & BeBe Angel

An Inspiration to millions around the world

Widely known around the world as the Godfather of the modern-day Prophetic movement, Uebert Angel presides over an ever-widening number of the GoodNews Church (Spirit Embassy) branches worldwide. Uebert Angel has touched the lives of millions through his satellite-broadcasting channels, Miracle TV, GoodNews TV and Wow TV, which broadcast his remarkable healing, prophetic and revelatory teaching ministry 24 hours, 7 days a week around the globe, books, magazines, charity programmes, conferences and crusades.


Partnership with the GoodNews World is about being part of something BIGGER than yourself and reach far beyond your personal sphere of influence, so that you are impacting people all over the world.

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The GoodNews Daily

June - August 2024

This daily devotional juggles as a daily spiritual booster, life guide and best of all carries a prophetic declaration for each day of the year to help you gain mastery over every challenge life may throw you way.

Testimonies of healing and supernatural provision have come from the profound teaching contained in the daily devotional. It will help you grow each day in your walk with God. Now available in 17 different languages, you are about to embark on a spiritual journey that will change your life forever.


Watch Prophet Uebert Angel's Teachings Online 24/7

Watch Prophets Uebert Angel’s teachings online on GoodNews TV , YourMiracleTV, YouTube & Facebook. Available 24/7.

Uebert Angel


Learning Courses

The Millionaire Academy

Join the Millionaire Academy and learn about the most efficient ways to grow your business with Prophet Uebert Angel. 

Osborn Institute of Theology

Joint the Osborn Institute of Theology (OIT), an online Theology school founded by Prophet Uebert Angel.

 USA:   +1 (240) 781-6942 
UK:     +44 333 344 8612
RSA:  +27 (51) 004-0209


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